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The Extreme Interests of Major (Honorary) Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dato' Paduka Prof Dr Fng Ah Seng, JP.

High achievers love to challenge themselves, taking on progressively demanding and risky activities. Testing their mettle is always a way of life. Tan Sri Fng Ah Seng is no exception – possessing the same inner drive to push himself to succeed in activities of ever-increasing difficulty. Yearning for the next new thrill never stops. 'The Unique Adventurous Tycoon' is a jaw-dropping compilation of Tan Sri's physical feats through the years, covering a wide array of sports, hobbies and expeditions.

You can get a sense of the book with his opening quote,

'If you're not living on the edge, then you haven't comprehended the real meaning of life.'

Journey vicariously with him into deep waters, mountainous altitudes, extreme ice and heat, gliding sky high, navigating dense jungles, and battling the various elements to survive the many risky undertakings. It is hard to meet a Malaysian housing developer billionaire who thrives on physically-demanding activities, which require a high level of skill to master.

Ever wonder what it takes to go wingsuit flying? Or the endurance required to trek towards Mount Everest? What about the mental strength one needs for free diving into the sea's dark depths? Or the level of courage necessary to swim in the treacherous Amazon River? These are only a few of Tan Sri's activities!

The danger is real, so why does he risk his life even though he is already a highly successful businessman, a family man, academically accomplished, and has acquired many accolades and titles to his name? He answers that thrill-seeking is in his DNA – always the explorer and always giving his all in everything he wants to accomplish, be it in the corporate world, philanthropic pursuits, or within the realms of adventure. Tan Sri's broad span of accomplishments is what makes him truly unique. Nothing to prove, only to inspire. The support from his family, friends and team is unwavering. Yes, some onlookers might think that he's mad to risk his life, but to Tan Sri, it is what gives life meaning – to walk the edge and feel the adrenaline of wanting to survive and succeed. His appreciation of life deepens with every new adventure completed. But rest assured, these are all calculated risks. He approaches every challenge heavily prepared, with thorough risk assessment – a practice honed from his time in the army.

We might not all have the nerves of steel to try out many of these activities in his book, but he does show us that we all can achieve so much more if we are willing to put in maximum effort. His wise words and tips for success throughout the book are valuable triggers for getting started on our own goals. He also wanted readers to appreciate Mother Earth, the wondrous flora and fauna, and understand the different types of activities and cultures - by including interesting facts and colourful imagery in every chapter. To date, we are on the second edition of this book, and don't be surprised if there is a third one in the future! Most likely, Tan Sri is not done with exploring!

If you want to be entertained by his nail-biting stories and contribute to a good cause, purchase 'The Unique Adventurous Tycoon' Second Edition on his website ( or CLICK HERE. Note that 100% of sales revenue goes directly to Yayasan Muhibah's chosen charity. Makes a perfect gift.

The Editor


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